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Wownero Exchange is an easy way to trade Wownerujo (WOW) for Monero (XMR). The exchange uses fairies to process orders with magic. The Wownero Exchange doesn't record any personal user data except wallet addresses and trade dates for customer support because fairies don't know what is an IP address. All trades, whether they are successfully executed or abandoned, will be closed after 15 days of placing them and all the records for those trades will be deleted because fairies don't have very good memory. We believe everyone should be able to trade their financial / non-financial assets however they want so our fairies help us.


Current fees are; 10 WOW flat fee and 4% conversion fee NONE!.

Exchanges occur when the Wownerujo deposit gets three confirmations from the network. Any trade that exceeds the maximum deposit limit will manually be refunded. Any order below minimum deposit limit will be cancelled and there will be no refund. (Just don't send 0.005 WOW and say gimme XMR)